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  • An honest ratio of price and quality
  • Professional and polite drivers
  • You pay only for travelled kilometers
  • Fast pick-up
We top up your phone for the amount
of 20 UAH if pick up failed
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Why do the customers trust
"Amigo Taxi"

Fast pick-up 24/7,
even on holidays!
An honest ratio of
price and quality
Pleasant bonus if
pick up failed
We work on customer’
trust and loyalty
Professional and
polite drivers
The best operators will
find the car for you any time!

Our services

Amigo Driver

If you had a good time with friends or you are just tired - “AMIGO DRIVER” service is for you.

Our driver takes you to any destination in the city in the comfort of your own car!

Amigo Courier
If you need urgent city wide delivery from your door to the destination, please, call to + 38 044 200-6-200! Our couriers make fast delivery of documents to the partners, pleasant surprises to the loved ones and friends, while you are busy. Our priorities are strict delivery terms and cargo integrity assurance!
This Service is the best decision when you are going to the trip outside the city, to the railway station, the airport and other places and need to take lots of things, for example baby pram, bags, etc. We help you to transport household appliances, small scale furniture, bicycles and more.
If you need to take a pet to the vet, order "ZOO-Taxi" service. Our driver will pick you up in a few minutes! He promptly and carefully will take you to the destination and if it is necessary he will wait you to take back. Be together with your pet in a trip outside the city, to the airport or visiting someone. Feel free to take your pet with you, and our drivers will make the trip comfortable for you and your pet.
Hourly order
If you have a lot to do in the city, we offer the taxi service with hourly pay that saves your time and money. Just make the order and your personal driver with his car will be entirely at your service all day long!
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of our clients

We tried it for the first time and were pleased. Normal prices, the car came in time, the driver was polite. Site is great. I think we will be regular customers. Thank you!!!
Maksym Kozub
I often use taxi services for few last years. I tried almost all companies in Kiev. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have a great start and then rust, but it is not related to "Amigo". I started to use services of this company because my friends recommended it to me few years ago; almost 90% of my taxi orders were in "Amigo" since that time. Good drivers, kind supervisors (Janna — is a great example of the right human in the right place, in other professional spheres it is a rarity). Godspeed in future!
This is a great taxi and they always can find a car, drivers and supervisors are good. I am very pleased. I was pleasantly surprised with a price list. Absolute is not match for it.
It is a wonderful taxi! Cars are always serviced in time! Low prices! Drivers are polite and kind! I always ask for calling signals "66" and "182"! they are great guys and they are the best, it is a great pleasure to drive with them! I can recommend it for everyone!=)
This is my favorite taxi!!! Thank you!!!))))
It’s a very good taxi, supervisors are great! The driver was polite and cultured person! I was late to the railway station in the afternoon and all the roads were blocked, the driver was a great young guy and he knew the city excellent, he drove me through the yards and I was at the railway station just in time. I do not remember his calling signal, it was one number, at the black foreign made car. Crack on, guys! I will order only this one.
It is really well trusted taxi. 49 from 50 orders they found a car for me. Prices are lower than average, trust 5+ ! Crack on, AMIGOS :)

Price list

Minimal journey up to 3 km in the center
70 uah
Minimal journey up to 3 km in the city
60 uah
Rate through the city (1 km)
9,50 uah
Rate out of the city (1 km)
13 uah
Waiting for passengers through the city
5 min free+2,00uah/min
Waiting for passengers at the r/w station, airport
10 min free+2,00uah/min
Amigo driver
250 uah + return tariff
Amigo Courier
+20 uah to the tariff
Amigo Grand
+20 uah to the tariff
+20 uah to the tariff
Hourly car rent (15 km included)
+250 uah to the tariff
*In case of bad weather or situations on the way for guaranteed service supply the tariff can be increased and previously settled with you.

Corporative taxi

Comfortable trip — comfortable cooperation
  • Fast contract conclusion
  • Cashless payments
  • Reporting and accounting documentation in time
  • Individual discount system

Our clients


Amigo Taxi

— we prompt pick up!

Travel with us- contribution to good deeds!
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